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Navel therapy - navel oiling

Navel Therapy (Oiling)- The Secret Behind A Great Health

March 31, 2022

    Benefits and Uses of Navel Oil Application

It is from the navel area that the essence of life and growth makes a provision.

It supplies oxygen, blood and nutrition to babies in the womb. For us humans, our navel is the core of our bodies and is one of the key points of sustenance and growth.

From our dadi and nani, to our mum – there’s one home hack that they all swear by! Yes, it is there GO TO medicinal hack every time you have a digestion issue. You might think of it as absurd, but turns out that oiling your navel regularly has some serious health and beauty benefits.

Navel oiling is an ancient Indian tradition followed by men and women to nourish their bodies. Our belly button has been medically proven to be related to various veins throughout our bodies, and oiling it can help us to heal from a variety of ailments.

Why Navel Oiling?

Navel Oiling

Navel therapy, also known as Pechoti method, is a primitive Indian practice that involves pouring warm oil in the navel cavity for nurturing, detoxifying, and treating various ailments in the body.

The centre of the belly button has physical significance. Once a gateway to the life-sustaining cord, the belly button (umbilicus) is the focal point to 72,000 veins present in the navel. The simple act of massaging oil stimulates these nerves, which aids in getting rid of illnesses and ensuring the proper functioning of the body.

So why not take care of the core of our bodies? Not just the belly button, but the whole body, including our skin reaps benefits when we oil the navel.

Benefits of Using Navel Oil:

Enhances Digestion / Soothing of your cracked lips / Improving poor vision / Relief from headaches:

Pouring and massaging the navel region with few drops of Wood Pressed Mustard oil, helps in reducing irritable bowel syndrome, aids gut health, and reduces other digestive issues like an upset stomach, bloating, or constipation. Daily application of mustard oil around the edges of the belly in circular motion helps to release gastric and bile juice from the liver, which improves digestion.

Calms Your Mind:

Rhythmically stimulating the belly button in circular motion with Wood Pressed Coconut Oil can help to de-stress and relax. Activating the nervous system, navel therapy can help to balance out your emotions and increase concentration.

Glowing Soft Skin & Relief From Acne/Rashes:

Pouring and massaging your belly button every day, for a few minutes with Wood Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Wood Pressed Coconut Oil, Wood Pressed Neem Oil or Wood Pressed Castor Oil can help you attain smooth, clear and glowing complexion.

It can also help to reduce inflammation, cure skin infections, prevent skin problems and moisturize the skin from head to toe, including lips and heels.

Stimulates Hair Growth:

The belly button helps the body in absorbing the minerals essential for hair growth and volume. Rich in vitamins, minerals, vitamin C, B, E, copper, and zinc, massaging wood pressed Wood Pressed Coconut Oil, or Wood Pressed Mustard oil over the navel region is the best choice to prevent hair loss and improve hair quality.

Relieves Joint Pain:

Inflammation in muscles or excessive wear and tear could result in joint pain. Using Wood Pressed Castor Oil for navel therapy can help reduce joint pain, can help strengthen them and enhance flexibility. Navel therapy is a natural alternative for people in their early stages of arthritis or with weak bone density.

Why Wood Pressed Oils And Not Refined Ones:

Wood Pressed Oils are made without generating any heat, keeping the nutrients intact. They are power packed with antioxidants and have all the essential fats, vitamins and nutrients unimpaired unlike unrefined oils. The temperature is maintained in the churner when the oil is extracted at room temperature, ensuring that the fatty acid bonds are not broken. Hence, wood pressed oil is a reliable choice.

How To Go Forward With The Application Process?

Oil application in the navel

The procedure takes only two minutes. Add 2-3 Drops of Wood Pressed Oil in the Navel and massage your belly button in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes and you’re good to go.

For the best outcome, repeat this process every day before going to bed or after bath. Oiling at night can make you feel more relaxed after you wake up in the morning.

Happy Oiling !!

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