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What is the Difference between Refined Oil and Wood-Press Oil? 

September 2, 2023

Oil is a very staple ingredient in every kitchen, and let's admit, we Indians love a hearty, wholesome home-cooked meal. Whether we want to welcome guests, celebrate a promotion or simply crave our mother's food, ghar ka khana binds us all. Sometimes, we invest a lot of time sourcing the best quality vegetables, flour, milk etc. But what about the very basic ingredient required for cooking? That's correct! We are talking about the daily essential, oil!

A survey by the Indian Government conducted in 2021 says that about 60% of households in India consume refined oil. This study is not at all a shocking reveal, but do we know why this preference is? What is the major difference between refined oils and wood-pressed oils?

For refined oils, the seeds are first transported to the factory. Once the raw materials reach the manufacturing unit, ​​h​​eat and chemicals are used to​​ break the fatty acid bond. The solvent method is used in the processing of refined oils where the removal of aromatics and other undesirable components of oil distillates by liquid extraction.

This processed refined oil is then bleached with chemicals and has no nutritional value. ​​Free radicals are released in the oil that are then removed further with the use of chemicals to pass through the standards of FSSAI. The industrial process of refined oils is also very cheap, which makes the overall price of this edible oil very affordable. Also, the taste and smell are lost when the oil is processed rigorously, leaving us with quite a bland meal. And, since we have developed a taste for meals cooked in this oil, we don't realise what we are missing out on!

This is where our lead hero, wood-pressed oil, becomes a saviour. We often perceive wood-pressed oil or ghani ka tel as outdated, unclean and not meant for everyday cooking. But the properties and health benefits of wood-pressed oil will surpass all your expectations!

What makes Indic Wisdom wood-pressed oils healthier than refined oils? 

​​We select the finest quality seeds to make our wood-pressed oils, where there is no compromise! We then extract oil at our manufacturing unit through a wood churner at room temperature with no heating or preservatives. After that, we let the micro seed particles settle down naturally without artificial intervention. Our entire process ensures that the fatty acid bond in the oil doesn't break, which simply means that wood-pressed oil is healthy for the heart and diabetes. The wooden pastel and churner is made of babul wood which has proven medicinal properties like gallic acid which have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. They are then transferred to the oil, making it very wholesome and nourishing. Manufacturing wood-pressed oil requires highly skilled labour and a lot of effort. We believe that it is a hand-crafted art that has been practised for centuries. However, with the advent of the commercialisation of manufacturing goods, refined oil has taken over the market and created a demand for cheaper oils with superficial advertised benefits.

But we have now learnt that wood-pressed oil has more health benefits than refined oils. Its high-nutritional value with intact vitamins and minerals makes it a must-have cooking oil in our kitchens. Along with all the essential nutrients, wood-pressed oils are chemical-free, thus completely transforming our cooking experience. So, switch to wood-pressed oil to change your eating habits and adapt to a fitter lifestyle.  

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